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Research and Development on practical applicationsof Lithium  Endohedral Fullerene (Li+@C60) and nano-carbon materials. Production and sales of Lithium Endohedral Fullerene (Li+@C60) and nano-carbon materials.


【A study report of Professor Okubo has been publicised】

A report titled “Multiple photosynthetic reaction centres of porphyritic polypeptide–Li⁺ @C₆₀ super-molecular complexes” has been publicised in the Chemm Comm. this week. The study was made by Professor Kei Okubo (of Osaka University Technology and Engineering Department), using endohedral fullerenes encapsulating Lithium which was supplied by our company. It appears in the cover page.


For further information please visit the following website.



【 Interdisciplinary Research Program of Tohoku University started】

 The research project “Creation of Endohedral Fullerenes Nano Biotronics” (Program for Industry Collaboration Promotion of Future Science and Technology Co-Research Center) started officially on October 1. The project has been accepted as Interdisciplinary Research Program of Tohoku University. Researchers in various fields ,who study fullerenes encapsulating lithium ion at Tohoku University, will cooperate with each other and work on the study tasks through fiscal year 2017.


◆Public invitation and selection of the study for Interdisciplinary

    Research Program


To commemorate the start of the Program, the first open seminar was held at Tohoku University on November 24. Professor Kei Okubo (Technology Department of Osaka University) was invited as guest speaker. He purchased much of fullerenes encapsulating lithium ion, our company product, and made many research reports publicised. He explained superior acceptability and transferability of electrons of fullerenes encapsulating lithium (Li+@C60).


For further information please see the following website.

Tohoku University plans to promote speedily research activities in this field by inviting researches who have made their studies publicised.


【RIKEN ・Dr. Suzuki et al. make their studies publicized】

Dr.Haru Suzuki et al.have achieved successful results in the following studies where  Li⁺@ C₆₀, our product, is used. The studies will be made public at the Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Molecular Science 2015 and The 51st Japanese Conference of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis. Please refer to the websites for its schedule and further information.


◆The study of properties of lithium-ion encapsulating fullerenes [ Li⁺@ C₆₀](PF6-) by terahertz spectroscopy

  (2015/9/18、Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Molecular Science 2015


  (Outline) The study is to measure spectroscopic absorption of terahertz (1-10 THz) of [ Li⁺@ C₆₀](PF6-)and analyze ordering of the position of a lithium-ion encapsulated inside the  C₆₀fullerene.


◆Thermal capacity and phase behavior of lithium-ion encapsulating fullerenes [ Li⁺@ C₆₀](PF6)

 (2015/10/10、The 51st Japanese Conference of Calorimetry and Thermal Analysis


 (Outline) The study is to measure thermal capacity (2-400 K) of [ Li⁺@ C₆₀](PF6-) and to analyze position-shifts of a lithium-ion encapsulated inside C60 fullerene and changes in orientation of C60 molecular and PF6-ion. 





【AIST ・Dr.Suenaga’ s paper published】

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology・ the study of Dr. Suenaga et al, was published in WEB version of NATURE COMMUNICATIONs. Please visit the following for further information.


 K.Suenaga,Single-atom electron energy loss spectroscopy of light elements.

Nature Communications 6,Article number:7943


 (Outline made success in visualizing light atoms including lithium on an atom by atom basis by use of slow acceleration electronic microscope.


 A Japanese version of the study is available at HP of AIST.




【The following study is published】

 Results of the joint research by Osaka University, Miguel Hernandez University, Keio University, Texas University and Tohoku University are organized as study paper and published in WEB edition of the professional journal. Please see the following for further information.  


Y.Kawashima et. al,,Near-Infrared Photoelectrochemical Conversion via Photoinduced

Charge Separation in Supramolecular Complexes of Anionic

Phthalocyanines with Li⁺@ C₆₀. J. Phys. Chem.B 2015, 119, 7690−7697


 (Outline Structured electric charge separation system of super molecule composed of lithium-ion encapsulating fullerene and phtalocyanine with anion property, and made photo voltaic devices. Life of separation of electric charges is the longest among those observed in the electric charge separation system including lithium-ion encapsulating fullerenes.


Christina.M. Davis et. al, Photoinduced electron transfer in a supramolecular triad produced by porphyrin anion-induced electron transfer from tetrathiafulvalene calix[4]pyrrole to  Li⁺@ C₆₀. Chem. Commun., 2015,51, 9789


 (Outline Observed two-stage transfer of electrons, thermal and photonic, inside a super molecule composed of lithium-ion encapsulating fullerene, porphyrin with anion property and anion receptor.


Mustafa Sapura  et. al, Graphene oxide Li⁺@ C₆₀ donoracceptorcomposites for photoenergy conversion. Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys. 2015, 17, 15732

 (Outline Made photo voltaic devices composed of lithium-ion encapsulating fullerene and graphene.  Made in-depth study of interaction of lithium-ion encapsulating fullerene and graphene.



H. Isobe et. al, Modulation of energy conversion processes in carbonaceous molecular bearings. Chem. Asian J. 10.1002/asia.201500673

 (OutlineCreated molecular bearings with an axis of lithium-ion encapsulating fullerene. Analyzed photo dynamics inside the molecule.




【Campaign No.2】

We are making the second Trial Campaign following the first one which was received well last year.

We would be happy if many of you could experience and witness attractiveness of this materials.

There are several products available as listed below. Besides the listed below, we are also ready to provide the products in response to your requirement for the volume. Please contact us for further information.


[Li@C₆₀]PF₆⁻ Salt, are highly-purified single crystals which are made by re-crystalizing Li@C₆₀PF powder.   [Li@C₆₀]NTf₂⁻ Salt, powders are easily solved in the solvent, and chemically stable Li@C₆₀Li+  salts.


【Information about the products is renewed】

Idea International has so far provided element-analysis data by TOFMS to assure encapsulation of Lithium ion inside the fullerene and purity of the products. As the results of recent R&D activities, it has become clear that an analysis by NMR can provide more accurate data to judge whether Li ion is encapsulated or circumscribed as well as purity of the products. Accordingly we provide herewith

purity data derived from NMR analysis which leads to more accurate values/figures. 


【Research paper of Professor Okubo has been released】

A research paper of Professor Kei Okubo, et. al. (Osaka University) is publicized on a web site of Chem Comm.

The paper presents new information concerning nano-level dispersion of [LI+@C60] PF6- (by using our products) which is normally insolvent in the water.  Please refer to the following URLs for further information.


K. Ohkubo et. al, Singlet oxygen generation from Li+@C60 nanoaggregates dispersed by laser irradiation in aqueous solution,ChemComm 2015,51, 8082-8085 


【Associate Professor KWON Eunsang will make presentation at ISNA162015 MADRID】

Associate Professor KWON Eunsang of Tohoku University will participate in a poster session of Symposium on Novel Aromatic Compounds (ISNA-16)」(*1) which is held on July 7 in Spain. Please visit the following web site of ISNA16 for further information.


(*1) ISNA16 is an international conference initiated and organized in 1970 by a study group of Organic Chemistry at Tohoku University headed by Professor Tetsuo Nozoe (deceased). This year is the 150th anniversary and a monumental year since Kekure publicized benzene ring. Accordingly it is expected that many aspiring papers will be reported



【Scientific papers of Associate Professor E. Kwon、Mr.Y. Kawashima were released】

Associate Professor Eunsang Kwon et al. at Tohoku University and Mr. Yuki Kawashima et al. at Osaka University have made studies concerning lithium-ion endohedral fullerenes, our company’s products. The results of the studies were recently released in a WEB version of the science journals. For details please refer to the following URLs below.

 Eunsang Kwon,et al. Dynamic Behavior of Lithium-Cation in a C60 Fullerene Cage Elucidated by Terahertz SpectroscopyMol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., Vol.598: pp28-31, 2014

◆Y. Kawashima et al., Efficient Charge Separation in Li+@C60 Spuramolecular omplexes with Electron DonorsChem. Asian J., 2015,10, in press


【Scientific papers of Associate Professor K. Ohkubo were released】

Associate Professor Kei Ohkubo et al. at Osaka University have made studies concerning lithium-ion endohedral fullerenes, our company’s products. The results of the studies were recently released in a WEB version of the science journals. For details please refer to the following URLs below.


 Robust Inclusion Complexes of Crown-ether-fused Tetrathiafulvalenes with Li+@C60 Affording Efficient Photodriven Charge Separation

 Chem.Eur. J. 2014, 20, in press.

Supramolecular Formation of Li+@PCBM Fullerene with Sulfonated Porphyrins and Long-Lived Charge Separation 


Photoinduced Electron Transfer in a Charge-Transfer Complex Formed between Corannulene and Li+@C60 by Concave-Convex p-p Interactions,

 J. Am. Chem. Soc.




【Research report of Professor Matsuo and Associate Professor Kokubo were presented on Spotlights and C&EN】

Recently presented on Spotlights of JACS and C&EN of American Chemical Society is the research report of Professors Matsuo (Tokyo University) and Associate Professor  Kokubo(Osaka University) titled “Kinetic Study of the Diels–Alder Reaction of Li+@C60 with Cyclohexadiene: Greatly Increased Reaction Rate by Encapsulated Li+” which was published on Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS).  Test results of using Lithium ion endohedral fullerenes, our company’s product, were referred to in the report.

Please see below for further information.






【Trial campaign: a limited number of vials for sale】

 “Easier to purchase advanced lithium ion endohedral fullerenes”


In response to customers’ needs, we have developed and started selling the following new materials besides (Li+@C60)PF6 by which researches continue bringing out many excellent research outputs.On this occasion, we decided to go on a sales campaign of the new materials, with a limited number of vials, so that many researchers can enjoy touching, handling and testing them and find new/attractive properties of the material. Volume per vial is designed for test purpose and price is set at an attractive level.







Maker Cord


[Li@C₆₀]NTf₂⁻ Salt, powder





[Li@C₆₀]PF₆⁻ Salt,powder





[Li@C₆₀]PF₆⁻ Salt,powder





[Li@C₆₀]PF₆⁻ Salt,

single crystals



         * Please contact us for information about prices


a)       New, Li+@C60-salt, is easily dissolved in solvent and more stable chemically.

b)       New is single crystal Li+@C60-salt. They are derived by single-crystalizing and highly purifying powder of (Li+@C60)PF- which have been provided up until now.


These samples are accompanied with NMR evaluation results, and provided in a sealed ampoule with Ar gas inside. Special care has been arranged in order to avoid deterioration of product quality which might be caused by an accident or trouble during transportation or storage.



[Dr. Aoyagi, Dr.Okubo, and Mr.Kawashima talk at ECS meeting on Li⁺@ C₆₀]

Shinobu Aoyagi associate professor of Nagoya City University, Takashi Okubo associate Professor of Osaka University, and Kawashima Yuki were invited to the "Electrochemical Society (ECS)" meeting held in Toronto, Canada from 12th to 16th May. They will present the results of studies using our Li⁺@ C₆₀. Please refer to the Idea International news for more information. 


(11th May.2013)

[Results of studies using Li⁺@ C₆₀ are being published in quick succession in major journal]

Please refer to the Idea International news for more information. 


(11th May.2013)