Mission and prospects of Idea International Co., Ltd. (I・I)


I・I became the only corporation in the world to be able to supply Li@C60 to all over the world, and constructed a network on the basis of a committed relationship between research on a carbon nanotube during the 10 years that we had started R&D on Li@C60. In addition, we constructed cooperative framework as a core requirement for the researches on basic property and application of the material.  

I・I would like to take up the challenge to put together the
 basic research aspect on carbon nanotube in Japan to add greater value to the research and to create new industries.

I・I will promote the application of carbon nano-material to industries.  Moreover I・I will support a research infrastructure on Li@C60 using this new endohedral fullerene as the core, and combine a technical opportunity with researches on carbon nanotube to our experiences on Li@C60..

I・I will rightly note, listen to a right thing and conduct ourselves according to a right thing.

I・I will develop a company describe above.




The Value of Science

- Now are times of the Renaissance on Science and Technology -

 This we will do if we say we have the answers now, so young and ignorant; if we suppress all discussion, all criticism, saying “This is it, boys, man is saved!” And thus doom man for a long time to the chains of authority, confined to the limits of our present imagination. It has been done so many times before.”
(The Best Short Works of Richard P. Feynman ~ The Pleasure of Finding Things Out ”, First published in the USA by Perseus Books 1999  )
 The Great East Japan Earthquake showed us once again how puny human beings are in the grand scale of nature. Even more shocking than the destruction wreaked by nature was the calamity at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, which had grave effects on the global environment and profound impact on the lives of the people and organisms living around it. In spite of dedicated and sincere efforts, the danger and risk to life remains. It is a lesson to those in engineering and science to accept the possible dangers and attempt to create a future society where such mistakes may not happen.

  “The Kanji character [工] (a Chinese writing represents a technological meaning) indicates joint between the law of Heaven (means natural science) and Human society, and the role of  [工学](means Engineering) is a tool to joint them.”
  (Shoichi Ono, Ph.D, Auditor CCA of I・I, and Professor Emeritus of Tohoku University, Japan, translated in English by S. Okuda, Ph. D, Senior Adviser (Applied Microbiology) of  I・I, and Professor Emeritus of Hachinohe Institute of Technology )