Endohedral Lithium Fullerene (Cluster) Product code:001B01

Product Explanation ▶ [Li@C60]・nC60
The Powder product is composed of  Li@C60  molecules each surrounded by approximately eighteen C60 molecules.
The product mostly soluble in organic solvents such as acetonitrile (AN) and ortho-dichlorobenzene (o-DCB),  includes some insoluble carbon components.
The Li @ C60 content is about 5% of the total mass.

Product Speciflcation
◇ Li:more than 0.04%, C:94 % by Elemental Analysis
◇ TOF-MS Spectrum Chart (positive mode) accompanies the product as reference data.
◇ Store (refrigerate) in a cool, dark place.
Resesarch Application Examples
Hiroshi Ueno, Yuji Nakamura, Ken Kokubo, Takumi Oshima, 1P-8 Synthesis and Characterization of Li@C60(OH)n: Notable Behaviors Induced by External Hydroxyl Group, The 42nd Fullerenes-Nanotubes-Graphen General Symposium, March 2012, Tokyo
( Water-soluble, NanoBio, Medical)

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