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(11th May.2013) 


① [Dr. Aoyagi, Dr.Okubo, and Mr.Kawashima talk at ECS meeting on Li⁺@ C₆₀]
Shinobu Aoyagi associate professor of Nagoya City University, Takashi Okubo associate Professor of Osaka University, and Kawashima Yuki were invited to the "Electrochemical Society (ECS)" meeting held in Toronto, Canada from 12th to 16th May. They will present the results of studies using our Li⁺@ C₆₀.


・ Crystal Structure Analysis of Cationic Lithium Endohedral Fullerene Under Electric Field(Dr.Aoyagi)


・ Photoinduced Charge Separation in Supramolecules Between Li⁺@C₆₀ and Chlorins


・ Photoinduced Electron Transfer From Sc3n@C80 to Li⁺@C₆₀(Mr.Kawashima)



②[Results of studies using Li⁺@ C₆₀ are being published in quick succession in major journal]


1)S.Aoyagi et al,A layered ionic crystal of polar Li⁺@C₆₀ superatoms, nature chemistry, 2010 Aug, 2(8):678-683


2)K.Ohkubo et al,Strong supramolecular binding of Li⁺@C₆₀ with sulfonated meso-tetraphenylporphyrins and long-lived photoinduced charge separation, ChemComm, 2012 May 7;48(36):4314-6


3) S.Aoyagi et al, Rock-Salt-Type Crystal of Thermally Contracted C₆₀ with Encapsulated Lithium Cation, Angewandte Chemie International Edition.,2012, 51(14), 3377-3381


4) S.Aoyagi et al,単結晶電子密度解析により解明されたリチウム内包C₆₀フラーレンの分子構造,放射光,march 2011Vol.24No.2,pp73-80


5)K.Kokubo et al, Synthesis of a lithium-encapsulated fullerene and the effect of the internal lithium cation on its aggregation behavior, NANO RESEARCH, 2012,5(8), pp558-564


6)Y.Matsuo et al, Covalently Chemical Modification of Lithium Ion-Encapsulated Fullerene: Synthesis and Characterization of [Li⁺@PCBM]PF₆⁻, ORGANIC LETTERS,2012, 14 (14), pp 3784–3787


7)K.Ohkubo et al, Ion-Controlled On-Off Switch of Electron Transfer from Tetrathiafulvalene Calix[4]pyrroles to Li⁺@C₆₀, J. Am. Chem. Soc,2011, 133(40),15938-15941


8)K.Ohkubo et al, Enhanced Photoinduced Electron-Transfer Reduction of Li⁺@C₆₀ in Comparison with C₆₀ , J Phys Chem A,2012, 116(36),pp8942-8948


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10)K.Ohkubo et al, Submillisecond-lived photoinduced charge separation in inclusion complexes composed of Li⁺@C₆₀ and cyclic porphyrin dimers, Chemical Science,2013,4, p1451–p1461


11)K.Kokubo et al, Synthesis of a new class of fullerene derivative Li⁺@C₆₀O⁻(OH)₇ as a "cation-encapsulated anion nanoparticle, Nanoscale,2013.5, pp2317–pp2321


12)K.Ohkubo et al,Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of composite photovoltaic cells of Li⁺@C₆₀- sulphonated porphyrin supramolecular nanoclusters ,Chem. Commun. 2013, 49,